We offer the best prices paid for gold and silver coins, bullion, and gold and silver Jewellery (even ugly and broken).

Why sell your valued items when you can simply borrow the money needed?

Use the items as collateral and get them back when the loan is paid off.


We lend cash against a large range of items

Our pawnbroking loans are a contract which allows you to redeem the item at any time within 3 months. We also offer the facility for you to extend the loan for as long as you require by paying interest as you go along.

Bring your goods to our shop and we can discuss whether you want to sell or borrow against these items and how much cash we can offer you.

To pawn an item you must be 18 years or older, and to sell us an item you must be 16 years or older.

Remember to bring Proof of Identity, Date of Birth and Address

A drivers licence or RTA photo card is sufficient, however you may use more than one document including:

 Drivers licence
 Birth certificate
 Paid rent receipt
 Paid utility bill (eg electricity, gas)