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Bipolar Bob's Whiteboard Witticism

17 May 2018


15 May 2018

I think "Princes Megan" should assume the title of "Lady Bogan"

15 May 2018

or perhaps "Lady Houso "

04 May 2018

We have the NSW Minister for Anti-terrorism telling us 3 years after the Lindt Cafe incident they still haven't sorted out the protocols for bringing in the Army when something similar it happens again. We have the NSW Minister for Education saying we need to get rid of NAPLAN testing BECAUSE it identifies students who are struggling (leading to their parents seeking private tutoring for them) We have a premier who has destroyed business in George St and across the CBD at night , is going

26 Apr 2018

So despite the fact that Australia is close to the world's biggest exporter of both gas and coal ,The Minister for Energy is spinning the yarn that it is the lack of gas here which is driving up the price of energy . Is he retarded or does he simply hope we are?

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