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Bipolar Bob's Whiteboard Witticism

12 Mar 2018

Every time Bill Shorten opens his moth he comes across as more despicable.He should just shut up and let Turnbull get him elected.

04 Mar 2018

Don't you love it ? Hollywood apparently plans to campaign for gun control during the Oscars ...while safely behind a perimeter of 500 armed police. Tough luck for the rest of America I guess. If I was a Florida resident I would arm my household after seeing how pathetic the cops and the FBI were during the Broward County mass homicide .

25 Feb 2018

Australian educational standards are plummeting and it's not hard to see why. The Federal Minister for Education has just announced that the problem lies with the parents. Not him, not his vast army of bureaucrats, not the teachers, not the curriculum ....but the parents!!

21 Feb 2018

Is there anything American basketball players don't know ? From now on I think I will get all my political opinions from LeBron or Florida school children.

19 Feb 2018

As usual after a school shooting the Yanks just want to talk about guns. What they never want to talk about is the culture of bullying that seems to be an accepted part of US school life. It is this dominance hierarchy contest in my opinion that spawns the hate and revenge filled losers who sometimes find a gun and become the mass killers.

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