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Bipolar Bob's Whiteboard Witticism

23 Sep 2017

After bouncing along the bottom for years I think our press has just managed a new low by giving publicity to that inbred, drunken, pro SSM (you know the 'love is love" "let's be more inclusive" team), cretin who proudly head butted Tony Abbott He could have been a member of the cast of Deliverance if it was redone today but the leftist's limitless hypocrisy allows many of them to think what he did "was kinda cool"

20 Sep 2017

Can you imagine the hysteria in Canberra and in the media (Who are already trying, unsuccessfully thank heavens, to make this vacuous twit who did the sacking, the victim) if this girl had been sacked for planning to vote "Yes"? Social media would have gone nuclear !!

17 Sep 2017

I reckon NRL fans and players with the probable exception of Ian Roberts are far more interested in what the NRL plans to do to improve refereeing than what they think about gay marriage.

14 Sep 2017

if you think this is just about making life a bit happier for gay couples -why not vote "yes" But if you think it is more about the Left showing the deplorables who is boss, then that is a different story.

14 Sep 2017

Clever strategists always know to reinforce success. Leftist ideologues only know how to double down on failure . Despite renewable energy having brought our power grid to its knees and electricity prices to the highest in the world -they think the answer is more of the same.

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