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Bipolar Bob's Whiteboard Witticism

18 Jul 2017

Larissa Waters is the second Greens MP in a few days to resign because she came from another country.I was a bit surprised as I have always believed they came from another planet.

17 Jul 2017

What's next for Coles and Woolies -a cover charge? Fight back by insisting on only one item per bag until the free ones are stopped and after that go to ALDI say and buy a few of theirs to use so Coles and Woolies miss out on any free advertising they plan to get from us using their bags. PS Wouldn't you know Waleed Ali would be a big fan of their move? After all, he is wrong about everything else, isn't he?

17 Jul 2017

The behaviour of both the NRL and the AFL governing bodies adds considerable credence to the notion that political correctness is the last refuge of the incompetent.

14 Jul 2017

If the latte lappers were interested in policy as opposed to posturing in relation to CO2 emissions from coal they would be talking about the 485 million tonnes exported not the few thousand tonnes we might burn to keep electricity prices here competitive.

12 Jul 2017

Maybe next series the Maroons should have to play with one hand tied behind their back.

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