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Bipolar Bob's Whiteboard Witticism

15 Jan 2018

Isn't it a bit of a mixed message to be wearing black to show support for the #METOO ers but wearing this dress split up to the waist and barely covering the boobs? as did Arial Winter.

13 Jan 2018

I don't know if Trump really used the term "Sh#*thole countries" in relation to immigration but I am pretty sure I have.

10 Jan 2018

The biggest problem for Sydney commuters is that the Transport Minister appears to be a complete idiot and his department is a sheltered workshop for equally feeble minded bureaucrats .

09 Jan 2018

And if all America needs from its President is a good line of glib emotive drivel ...then good luck to Oprah I say

08 Jan 2018

I see Rose McGowan is determined to milk every nanosecond of her second "15 Minutes of Fame"

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