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Bipolar Bob's Whiteboard Witticism

18 Jul 2018

Re the Thai kids caught in the cave, the focus has long ago changed from "when they are going to get them out " to "when are the media going to stop milking the story "

16 Jul 2018

I really don't know how anyone can enjoy watching a code of football where being good at cheating is a valued skillset as it is for Soccer

12 Jul 2018

10 Jul 2018

It's great to have some good news in the media for a change -the kids in the cave all getting out OK . Now who is going to be the first feminist to blame their predicament on toxic masculinity ...and climate change ?

09 Jul 2018

What a charming trend - as HR departments get fouler and fouler in their efforts to exploit their human resources to appease management many are now choosing to rename themselves as myHR . Goebell's speak at its very best.

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